Telecom, defense, aerospace
and backhaul applications

From low frequency high volume telecom application for GSM/LTE equipment to low volume high precision, Microtek is equipped with both production lines

Filters & Diplexers

Microtek is a global provider of high performance microwave components including RF/Microwave filters from 5Ghz to 42 GHz; currently developing products up to 100ghz

Couplers & OMT’s

A full range of couplers OMT’s and OMT-C’s for the point to point radio market that can be customized to fit any radio in the industry that cover all frequency types from 5ghz to 42Ghz

RF Products

Leveraging our unique machining and casting partnerships and local supply chain, we provide value and quality in sourcing, building, tuning and testing for all manner of RF-products

Build to Print

Base station and operator filters, combiners and diplexers for mobile communications.

Build and tune filters for base station and antennas.

Microwave Components

Design and manufacturing of Couplers, OMT’s, OMT-C’s, Filters, and diplexers for the microwave backhaul, radar, and other commercial applications.

Over 3000 designs

A full microwave engineering design team for:

  • Filters

  • Diplexers

  • Couplers

  • OMTs

  • Adaptors

  • Rotary joints

  • Output arms

  • Circulators and isolators

Network Analysers & Equipment

  • 15 ENA/PNA’s for Low Frequency testing and tuning
  • 6 PNA/VNA’s for High Frequency testing and tuning
  • Noise figure analyser
  • Signal generators

  • Signal analysers
  • PIM test stations
  • 4 thermal chambers
  • 2 reflow ovens
  • salt spray testing
  • large Wenzel CMM machine

Manufacturing Services

Specialized in design, transitions and manufacturing of assemblies for the telecommunication market.

Powder Painting and Coatings

Versatile, suitable for any product of medium size and weight.

Supplier for a wide variety of customer needs and industries

  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Cielo Network
  • Nokia
  • Amphenol
  • Sanmina
  • Remec
  • Milexia
  • Plexus
  • Radio Design
  • Flex
  • Filtronic
  • DragonWave

Advanced machining

Specialized CNC milling, drilling and turning

High quality and competitive cost die casting and CNC machining parts.
Guaranteed quality and performance while meeting outstanding CSR requirements.

5,000 sqm facility

ESD flooring, air control, state of the art testing lines and our own CNC machining.

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