本采购政策中“冲突矿产” 是指:

(Tantalum) (Tin) (Gold) (Tungsten)


这些冲突矿产简称3TG, 对来源于刚果民主共和国及其周边国家的这些矿产被列为特别限制的冲突矿产,因为这些矿产的销售可能为这些国家持续的武力冲突提供财力支持。

 Microtek严格遵守电子行业行为准则IPC-1755 Conflict minerals Data Exchange Standards,不采购也不支持使用这些冲突矿产,要求所有供应链中的供应商不得使用和采购这些冲突矿产,并要求供应商将这一要求延伸到下级供应商。


TFC Conflict-free mineral sourcing policy

Conflict mining in this procurement policy means:

Tantalum, Tin, Gold, Tungsten.


These conflict mining are abbreviated to 3TG originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries. Since the sale of these minerals may provide financial support for the continual military conflict in those countries, they are classified as particularly restricted conflict minerals.

Microtek strictly complies with the electronic industry code of conduct IPC-1755 conflict minerals Data Exchange Standards. Absolutely do not purchase or support the use of these conflict minerals, all suppliers in the supply chain are required not to use and procure these conflict minerals, and also the suppliers  are required to extend this requirement to lower suppliers.



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