Our facility has multiple production lines

to help handle both high-mix, low-volume, and low-mix, high-volume scenarios.

We have a dedicated server for all product manufacturing and test data on site and in a second off site location to guarantee safety and easy customer access.

Test equipment ranging from 300mhz to 50ghz, salt mist chamber, temperature chambers , and all relevant testing equipment.

“Soft-based” manufacturing environment with SIP/SOP available on tables, handset and PC all over the plant.

Base Station Diplexer Manufacturing

We have full ATE test system controlling all system tests
and also on line instruction systems.

We have all test equipment required to test S parameter, VSWR, Noise Figure, High Power, and PIM.

Base Station Filter Production Line

Microwave DIPLEXER Production Line

COUPLER/OMT/OMT-C Production Line

Microwave Diplexer and Coupler Manufacturing

We have fully dedicated manufacturing lines, including reflow oven (to ensure excellent lid to body contact) and test equipment with a range of up to 50ghz.

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